Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My reasons for starting to blog

The mother of invention.

Ok, so I'm not inventing anything.  But, I was motivated to begin something new.  I was motivated to start a new blog because some of my comments on other blogs didn't appear.  I modified the DNS settings on my router (since I'm using a "blocking" dns server to protect my family, I wanted to make sure it wasn't blocking comments - but that's material for another blog in the future).  I modified security settings on my router.  Still nothing!  Well, at least I don't think anything happened.  I hope some poor chap's blog doesn't show up with 100 comments, pretty much saying the same thing, but altered slightly.

So, I've started a blog so I can test commenting on one without totally messing up someone else's.  I guess I also wanted a place to share my music besides for MySpace (which, I never uploaded my music, out of fear of I don't know what).  Facebook doesn't seem like a good place to share music.  It's a place to connect with friends, not a place to advertise.  Well, evidently, it IS a place to advertise, but a part-time musician probably shouldn't have a facebook page.  At least that's how I'm currently feeling.

But, then again, is a blog spot a place to share music?  Well, maybe not.  And since that wasn't conclusive, I didn't start a blog for that reason.  But testing.  Now that's a reason.  My wife wasn't able to comment on a great blog she just read.  How can I stand by and not be able to do something about that?  I mean, I tried everything I else I know - Google, router modifications, DNS modifications.  I did get one comment go post via my Android phone.  Could Comcast be blocked from commenting?  I don't know.  So, maybe testing wasn't an all conclusive reason for starting a blog.

I do want to be more creative.  I'm getting older, and my desire to make a difference - to encourage people like I am encouraged by other's creativity is a bit of a motivator.  I've created songs, mostly instrumental in scope, with a few different instruments, but writing, has caught my attention.  I almost don't want to write, because I know I don't have a gift for it like my wife, Melanie has.  But I will swallow my pride and write.

So, more than one reason to start a blog.  It seems rather like my life - jack of all trades and master of none.  But, I guess I don't have to have a masterful reason to start a blog.  Just a reason.  Or, a slew of them.  And perhaps that means that it's ok to have more than one pursuit and be a "jack of all trades".

Well, the hour is growing late.  I have work tomorrow morning and I want to spend time with my family before I head off to bed.  Perhaps I'll start testing my comments tomorrow.