Monday, August 11, 2014

If I am

If I am financially well-off
If I am poor
If I am successful in my endeavors
If I fail on all my attempts
If I am well known
If I am a nobody
If I am wise
If I am foolish
What does any of it matter if I do not love?
Why do I strive and worry
Yet all I need to start with is
rest and turning to God
quietness and trust in God
Rest in my current situation
Rest in what I am
Rest in what God has allowed
Turning away from my selfishness
Turning away from my self-centeredness
Turning away from my grasping...
Quietness in all things
Quietness and stillness
Trusting, resting, being still.

However, if I do love, with word and deed then
I am blessed if I am financially well-off
I am blessed if I am poor
I am blessed if I am successful in my endeavors
I am blessed if I fail on all my attempts

Feature Presentation

We waited for the stars to come out like we were waiting for a feature presentation.  Except that this was real.  And the stars did not disappoint.  The multitude of hosts seemed to appear as if their part in a majestic play had just started.  More than we've ever seen (or perhaps ever known we've seen) before.  In the stillness was where the action was.  In the quietness was where the wonder lie.  It was quite a paradox and one that I was not easily comprehending.

In with the wonder came the revelation, as much of a sliver as it was, that the wonder and power of the universe is greater than anything my experience can wrap around.  I feel a little guilty finishing up my star gazing.  They are still there.  They are wondrous and demand attention.  And they deserve wondrous gazing and awe inspiring gaping.  Forgive me for tearing away.  Your majesty deserves so much more.  I'm grateful for astronomers and others who constantly look and gather information.  Yet so many of them have lost the wonder of what you are because they have rejected your Creator.  You are no more glorious than your Creator.  Yet in Him, you are more glorious than we know you to be.